The Professional Development Programme is aimed at bridging the gap between institutional training and workplace experience.

Targeting Theatre Technicians

The Open Culture Foundation Personal Development Programme

The Professional Development Programme is aimed at bridging the gap between institutional training and workplace experience.

Why is this necessary?

In many instances a new work opportunity requires work experience. But how does a recent graduate attain work experience if they don’t qualify for the work because they do not have experience? This catch twenty-two is not a new phenomenon, but now this programme aims to address multiple problems in a tangible way.

How does it work?

Recent graduates are selected on their intention to pursue a career in the theatre with a primary, or secondary focus on the technical theatre arts. They must show an aptitude for technical theatre production, hold a recent tertiary theatre arts qualification and have no previous professional work contract experience.

The programme aims to afford recent graduates a chance to work in the genres of Opera, Orchestra, Light Music and Drama, using the Maynardville performance platform as training ground for one-on-one skills transfer. No other platform provides this varied opportunity for learning across these very diverse genres.

By pairing interns alongside professional Stage Managers, Lighting Designers, Sound Designers, Lighting Operators, Sound Operators, Front Of House Staff etc, we ensure a one-on-one skills transfer of the highest standard and afford interns an opportunity to work across different theatrical genres over the course of a six week period.

There are nuances and practicalities particular to each and none of them can be approached in the same manner of technical production as each genre requires a very specific execution model. Capacity building in these skillsets is one of the aims that this ground-breaking and vital programme aims to achieve.

Proof of concept

The inaugural post-Covid festival presented in 2023, saw twelve graduates through the programme. We are truly proud to know that they have all been gainfully employed on further productions since completing the course.

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Targeting New Theatre Directors

The Open Culture Foundation Theatre Directors’ Internship Programme

There is no singular path to becoming a theatre director; no single course you can study or position to apply for. Theatre directors reveal themselves over time while working on different productions in different capacities. But where to from here?

This is where our brand new Director’s Internship Programme comes into play; where passion meets opportunity! If you are a driven, creative, and aspiring director looking to take your craft to new heights, this is the platform for you. Gain hands-on experience, work alongside industry professionals to bring a singular artistic vision to life. Unleash your potential, challenge yourself, and make meaningful connections in the world of theatre making.

Join us on this transformative journey and let your directorial dreams take flight!

Contact Us to apply and embark on an adventure that will shape your future in the theatre industry.